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PharmaResearch Products Launches Joint Health Functional Food 'Conact'

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[Press Release] PharmaResearch Products Launches Joint Health Functional Food 'Conact'



PharmaResearch Products (CEO Kim Shin-Kyu and Kang Ki-Seock) announced on the 19th that it has released a health supplements called ‘Conact’ containing salmon nucleic acid that can help with joint health.


PRP Salmon Nucleic Acid®’, the main ingredient, is a substance extracted from salmon's reproductive cells and has been certified as the first individually-approved raw material by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea. In particular, it is characterized by extracting more than 75% of high purity nucleic acids by applying DOT™ (DNA optimization) technology by PharmaResearch Products.


Conact’ confirmed the effects of reduced joint pain, improved body function, and improved stiffness in clinical trials.


In addition, it contains ingredients such as manganese, vitamin D3 mixture agents, and vitamin B2 that help reduce the risk of bone formation and osteoporosis, which can help not only joints but bone health as well.


"We have established a system that can effectively treat and manage osteoarthritis patients through the launch of joint health supplements along with existing articular cavity injection Conjuran," said an official at PharmaResearch Products.


Conact is available at hospitals across the country. (Customer Service: 031-8039-1500)