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PharmaResearch Products is now “PharmaReseach”

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PharmaResearch Products is now “PharmaReseach”

Presenting the new and improved Corporate Identity, and announcing a new leap forward


PharmaResearch Products (CEO Kim Shin-Kyu, Kang Ki-Seock) changes its name to “PharmaReseach”.

On the 26th, PharmaReseach held the regular shareholder meeting at its Gangneung headquarters, and a resolution to change the company name from “PharmaReseach products” to “PharmaReseach” was approved.

The change comes into effect immediately after the meeting. The new name “PharmaReseach”, by removing “Products” from the original name, represents a new leap forward in enhancing the corporate identity.

The new corporate identity has been presented along with the change of the company name. The oval symbol encapsulates the challenging spirit for relentless research, and the font represents the vitality of the salmon. The main green color embodies the trust in the biopharmaceutical products made of pure and safe materials, and in the strong vitality through applications of regenerative medical technologies.

The PharmaReseach representative stated “the change of the company name symbolizes the expansion and a new leap forward” and “PharmaReseach will take this opportunity to grow as an innovative biopharmaceutical company that contributes to improving the quality of life and extending life of humanity”.

Meanwhile, PharmaResearch is a regenerative medicine-based biopharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and health functional foods, focusing on tissue regeneration materials, DOT™ PDRN and DOT™ PN. The top line of the products are Rejuran®, Conjuran®, Rejuran®Cosmetic, Re-An® Eye drops, Zadaxin, among others.