Company Introduction

  • The new trend of regenerative medicine. PharmaResearch Co., Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical firm which realizes a new treatment paradigm for regenerative medicine which may be applied in various corners of life central to PDRN and PN, which are new concept tissue regenerating active substances.
  • Investing in the development of the biopharmaceutical industry. We utilize domestic natural resources and unique core technology to offer pharmaceutical products, medical devices and cosmetic products, etc., and contribute to the growth of the high value added biomedical industry.
  • To improve human quality of life, and the desire of the human health and longevity. Moving forward, we will continue to improve quality of life for people and contribute to extending life by introducing excellent products across the areas of regenerative medicine and anti-aging based on our continuing research and development endeavors, while realizing our strongest desire for healthy and beautiful later years in life.

CEO Message

The goal of the human race to improve the healthy and beautiful quality of life.

We sincerely thank all of you who trust and encourage PharmaResearch.

Since its founding in 1993, our company has expanded its business area starting from consulting for drug licensing, import and sales of innovative drugs. In 2009, we completed the manufacturing technology of PDRN, a tissue regenerative raw material using marine resources, for the first time in Korea. We laid the foundation as a comprehensive pharmaceutical company by obtaining certification as a pharmaceutical GMP factory in 2013, listing on the KOSDAQ in July 2015, and being certified as an Innovative Pharmaceutical Company in 2016.

Furthermore, PharmaResearch has a pipeline for "Total Aesthetic Solution" with reinforced PDRN-based pharmaceuticals, aesthetic medical devices, and derma-cosmetics, and adding lineup of botulinum toxin product through business expansion. We are preparing for a second leap forward in the anti-aging market.

In addition, we will not stop trying until the day that we are recognized as a global pharmaceutical company leading the improvement of quality of life and regenerative medicine as strengthening our network with domestic and overseas excellent research institutions and global bio-companies.

We kindly ask for your support for development and growth of PharmaResearch.
Thank you.

Chairman Jung Sangsoo


  1. 2022
    • REJUVIEL® W, C Launch
    • PharmaResearch R&D Center Completed in the 2nd Pangyo
    • Selected as KOSDAQ Rising Star
    • Selected as The National Top 1000 Innovative Companies
    • PLUTO acquisition
  2. 2021
    • Company name change "PharmaResearch Product Co., Ltd." → "PharmaResearch Co., Ltd."
    • Selected as KOSDAQ Rising Star
    • REJURAN HB plus® Launch
    • MEDICOSON acquisition
  3. 2020
    • Selected as KOSDAQ Right Star by the Korea Exchange
    • Awarded the ‘Excellent Companies to Work’ at Gangwon-do
    • Class 2 medical device approval and launch of REJUMATE® Injector
    • Expansion and relocation of Pangyo Office (62, Pangyo-ro 255beon-gil)
  4. 2019
    • CONJURAN® listed as New Health Technology (NECA)
    • 2nd Gangneung GMP factory completed
    • Extension of certification as an Innovative Pharmaceutical Company (MOHW)
  5. 2018
    • Acquisition of CLEVIEL business unit from Aestura
    • Est. PharmaResearch BIO, a bio-venture company specializing in biological products
  6. 2017
    • REJURAN CE certified
    • REJURAN Healer Cosmetics launched
    • Awarded the Industrial Award for Conservation of Fisheries Resources
    • Awarded 10 Million-dollar Export Tower
    • Started construction of 2nd Gangneung GMP factory
    • Signed a binding MOU for acquisition of BIOCND
  7. 2016
    • Joint research agreement of functional peptide
    • Certified as an Innovative Pharmaceutical Company
    • Acquisition of DRJ Organic Cosmetics
    • D+CELL Cosmetics lineup expansion
    • REJURAN i, REJURAN s launched
    • Acquired patent for thermosensitive hydrogel
  8. 2015
    • Released Rejuvenex injection, Re-An eye drops
    • Listed on KOSDAQ
  9. 2014
    • Registered PDRN DMF
    • Released Rejuran
    • Opend Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine Research Center(Pangyo)
  10. 2013
    • Completed construction of GMP plant in Gangneung and approval obtained for manufacturing business
  1. 2008
    • Approval obtained for Placentex injection, a tissue regenerative medicine
    • Study of PDRN's Localization(cooperation width KIST)
  2. 2007
    • Executed cxclusive sales contract with Mastelli of Italy
    • Released ATP injection, a metabolism activation drug
  3. 2004
    • Released JBP
  4. 2002
    • Introduced BTXA (Botox of China) to Korean market
  5. 2000
    • Relesed Zadaxin, an anti-cancer immune modulating drug
  1. 1994
    • Executed contract with Omron of Japan
    • Launched product license and authorization developement consulting service (approximately 700 products licensed and authorized)
  2. 1993
    • Korea's first pharmaceutical consulting firm

Mission & Vision



With constant passion and a spirit of challenge, we aim to contribute to humanity and society by realizing the dream of improving the quality of life and extending healthy life with the development of regenerative medicine.

  • Performance oriented

  • Open communication

  • Partnership

Culture Foundation

Culture The PharmaResearch Culture Foundation was established as a foundation corporation to fulfill PharmaResearch's corporate social responsibility and promote mutual prosperity between the company and local communities through various cultural activities.

In the future, all PharmaResearch employees and affiliated companies will continue to utilize the PharmaResearch Culture Foundation to light up the dark and neglected areas of our society, delivering warmth through culture, spreading healthy laughter and hope, and contributing to the creation of a healthy society where everyone can grow together.

Culture Foundation

Attributes We Value, Human Resources System 

Attributes We Value
PharmaResearch encourages all employees to “create each day anew, and work passionately every day”.
Here, we introduce the attributes and behaviors we value based on PharmaResearch’s three core values.
  • An individual who creates results through taking on challenges, communicates with an open mind, and collaborates with others.
  • Performance oriented
    • Set a challenging goal and enjoy embracing new challenges.
    • Recognize the importance of ‘how’ to work as much as ‘what’ to achieve.
    • Study on one’s own and put in one’s best effort to grow.
  • Open communication
    • Listen to and accept various opinions rather than prioritizing previous experience.
    • Communicate clearly and honestly, and respect others.
    • Voice one’s opinion according to one’s convictions, and admit differences.
  • Partnership
    • Retain awareness of the common objective of One-PR.
    • Try to understand other departments by putting oneself in other people’s shoes.
    • Share the objective or result of a collaboration in advance, and value and care about one’s colleagues.
Human Resources

To foster an inspiring workplace, we are building a reasonable HR system aimed at generating performance.

  • Human Resources Development

    New hire training, job skills training, online learning, and support for other job-related training

  • POP PharmaResearch Objectives & Performances

    The performance management system is focused on giving frequent feedback to employees and coaching them for growth, and employees are encouraged to produce impactful results through challenging goals.

Rank/Position System

When addressing employees, positions take precedence, and employees without a specific position are addressed by their rank.
Promotions and positions are decided every year by a committee that evaluates employees’ performance appraisals and achievements.


We have the best employee benefits program based on the belief that each employee’s well-being leads to corporate growth.

  • Making Both Regular Days and Special Days Memorable

    Special benefit points for birthdays, assistance with family events (paid leave, financial support, provision of standing wreaths and supplies), holiday gifts, access to the company’s resort membership, use of the company-owned guesthouse, an employee-only online mall (welfare services) for vacation properties, and company-wide vacations in the summer and at the end of the year

  • Increasing Work Engagement with Special Incentives

    Annual benefit points of KRW 600,000, discounts in the online shopping mall for employees, and support for children’s educational expenses

  • Sustaining the WorkLife Balance

    Deun-Deun Childbirth & Childcare Benefits Program  (Monetary gift of a maximum of KRW 10 million to congratulate childbirth, childcare subsidy of a maximum of KRW 500,000, flexible work hours, selective part-time schedules, infertility support, and gift package for childbirth)

  • Providing the Optimal Work Environment

    Company-owned office space, office café and cafeteria, break room with a pool table, and provision of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks

  • Embracing a Healthy Life Together

    All employees are covered under group personal accident insurance, and provided with medical checkups and influenza vaccines

  • Smart Working Autonomously and Responsibly

    Flexible dress code, staff social clubs, various activities for communication, and job skills training and personal development training programs