Passion for Regeneration

R&D Vision

Biological pharmaceutical co., ltd. of regenerative medicine.

R&D Vision 1

Research and development of regenerative
medicine products based on natural derivative substances using DNA optimization patent technology

R&D Vision 2

Development of Innovative Pharmaceutical Products Adopting Advanced Bio Technology and Improvement of Quality of Life

Based on a DNA optimization patent technology (DOT™), PharmaResearch Research Institute has continuously researched and developed PDRN of salmon returning to East Sea of the Republic of Korea, thereby securing distinct product competitiveness in the regenerative medicine market, which will be popularized in the near future.

Launched the Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Research Center in Pangyo in 2014, we have continuously researched, developed, and released global leading products that can provide a 'higher quality of life' across various fields such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health functional foods and cosmetic products.

We are continuing collaborative research activities with institutions leading the global regenerative medicine technological trends. Pharma Research Products Co., Ltd. is spearing the advancement of cutting edge regenerative medical technology by conducting joint research projects with pharmaceutical firms and research institutes in Europe and the US.

R&D Achievements

We developed DNA optimization technology (DOT) whose patent was registered
with Korea’s marine resources and also researched and developed pharmaceutical products,
medical devices, cosmetic products and health functional food with stability and effectiveness.

PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide)

PDRN is a material extracted from the reproductive cells in salmon
that is optimized for the activation of regeneration and metabolism.