PR Introducing REJURAN® Triple Radiance Ampoule
      2024. 03. 11

      Introducing  REJURAN® Triple Radiance Ampoule

       A new cosmetic product with skin enhancements effects demonstrated across 13 clinical trials… Now launched for the first time at the Incheon Airport Duty Free Store.





      PharmaResearch (CEO Kim Thinkyou, Kang Ki-seok) announced on the 8th that it has just launched a new Triple Radiance Ampoule product named REJURAN, a premium derma-cosmetic brand, which will be available at the Incheon Airport Duty Free shop.


      REJURAN® Triple Radiance Ampoule is a topical product based on DOT c-PDRN, a proprietary skin-specialized DNA ingredient that enhances the skin and is specialized for skin whitening.


      The results from 13 clinical trials with human participants have demonstrated the effectiveness of REJURAN® in improving skin pigmentation (30.39%), transparency (24.26%), and melanin content  in the deeper (16.44%) and outer skin (11.62%) layers, as little as two weeks after initial application.


      In particular, the product has shown significant changes in three major facial tones (yellow, brown, and dark), reduced skin roughness, and enhanced radiance, thereby providing an anti-aging effect.  


      A representative from PharmaResearch Products has described the Triple Radiance Ampoule as "an effective whitening, anti-aging solution that finds the natural radiance of the skin” and that “REJURAN® will continue to introduce various products that enhance the natural beauty of the skin.”  


      PharmaResearch is a pharmaceutical biotechnology company focusing on regenerative medicine, manufacturing and selling pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmeceuticals, and dietary supplements based on DOT™ PDRN and DOT™ PN, which contain tissue-regenerative substances. Its product line includes REJURAN®, CLEVIEL®, CONJURAN®, REJURAN® Cosmetic, Re-An® eye drops, and REJUDERMA®.