PR PharmaResearch acquires product approval for CONJURAN in Malaysia
      2024. 03. 11


      PharmaResearch acquires product approval for CONJURAN in Malaysia
      PN intra-articular injection using DOT technology: Global expansion



      PharmaResearch (CEO Kim Thinkyou, Kang Ki-seok) announced that “CONJURAN,” a polynucleotide (PN) based intra-articular injection, has received the medical device product approval from the Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA).  


      CONJURAN is a medical device that uses DNA Optimizing Technology (DOT™) PN, a patented technology from PharmaResearch, that can help improve degenerative osteoarthritis by relieving pain and reducing mechanical joint friction.


      A related official from PharmaResearch stated that “we expect a high demand since Malaysia represents the second largest market for medical devices in Southeast Asia after Thailand” and “CONJURAN will establish itself as a new solution for knee pain in the Southeast Asian market owing to its excellent technology and product capabilities based on DOT™ PN.”  


      PharmaResearch is a regenerative medicine-based pharmaceutical biotechnology company that manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmeceuticals, and dietary supplements based on DOT™ PDRN/PN, which are tissue-regenerating substances, such as REJURAN®, CLEVIEL®, CONJURAN®, REJURAN® cosmetic, Re-An® eye drops, and REJUDERMA®.